How Jennifer Arcuri, Innotech Entrepreneur, uses social media

Innoctech Summit founder and producer

Jennifer Arcuri, is the founder and producer of the Innotech Summit 2013, an event focused on second stage start ups in London and building the Digital Economy. In this interview we find out how Jennifer uses social media to create a buzz around Innotech and to get people to the event which includes the first transatlantic Google+Hangout between Boris Johnson in London, Hollywood/LA and Silicon Valley/San Francisco with a focus on championing inward investment from California to London to help build the digital economy. Jennifer and her team of interns have found using Twitter and hash … [Read more...]

Marketing in the moment – a new skill for all?

Marketing in the Moment

'Marketing in the moment'  is my terminology to help remind yourself,  when you are in that focused time of reviewing social media or the internet, that when you spot something or feel emotionally affected by something you do something about it  'in the moment' . If you leave it on a todo list or think "I'll go back to that later" it probably wont happen due to the time pressure/task juggling we are all under. This is particularily relevant when you are building your social media presence for either your organisation or your own personal brand. Here are 3 examples: Marketing in the Moment … [Read more...]