How Dionne Lew, helps exec’s use social media

The Social Executive

Dionne Lew is the author of the recently published 'The Social Executive - how to master social media and why its good for business’. which is also the focus of her business in terms of training boards and C suite executives on how to use social media for business. In the interview we discuss the two main sections of her book, the Why social media is important and the How do I use it. Firstly, Dionne explains that social media is a critical business tool now and in the future with 2m people using social, but not many executives, they may have signed up but are not using it “its like going … [Read more...]

How Roger Warner, MD Content and Motion, uses social media

roger warner

In this video blog Roger, Managing Director of Content and Motion a PR agency for social networks, describes his device/ task specific strategy for using and managing social media. He had to work out a better way to work as it nearly cost him his marriage and his sanity. Roger has written his approach up in the  Dumbphone Manifesto based around the analogy that a Swiss Army Knife doesn't make a particularly good screwdriver. He describes how he uses his HTC Flyer (smaller ipad) as a 'browsing pad' for email and twitter at times during the day, but uses his desktop for focused work tasks. … [Read more...]

Marketing Outlook 2009: Look inward to be able to look outward

        The CMO council annual marketing outlook of more than 650 marketers could have been a tale of woe and bad news but in fact for marketers it shows how marketers are looking inward at their marketing to sharpen up their act to enable them to look outward at what their customers are up to. It’s not about staff cuts it’s about “redoubling their efforts” to align and integrate with sales and channel groups; it’s not about budget cuts (although there is a strong focus on cutting costs) it’s about being able to set clear goals and track deliverables through analytics; it’s not about … [Read more...]

How to ask for more money when your marketing budget gets cut

This week at TFM&A in London, we launched the findings of a piece of research conducted by the CMO Council (and sponsored by us) entitled Calibrate How You Operate. The headline was that ‘Marketing is the most challenged and most complex business unit’ – it’s already being picked up– Customer Strategy and Adweek and it highlights the battle marketers need to be ready for this year. “Demonstrating to the board that if marketing doesn’t get investment it needs to sort out the complexity, put more robust integration in place, and be able to analyse customers more effectively, competiveness, … [Read more...]