How Charlie de Rusett, digital entrepreneur, uses social media

Charlie is the CEO of Vine digital/Publishing a full service marketing agency also specializing in producing regional publications. At the grand old age of 25, Charlie has the advantage that he is naturally thinking digital when his organization advises firms on their content/digital/social strategy. From a personal perspective, Charlie uses social media to keep in contact with his family and friends as he finds it such a visual/instant medium to do that with, and to organise events with his friends and so he doesn't double book things at the weekends. Charlie explains that as has grown … [Read more...]

How Liz Miller, CMO Council, uses social media

Liz Miller, CMO Council

Heading up the marketing operations and marketing programmes for the CMO Council, Liz is one of the most informed marketers in the world, spending her time travelling across continents talking to senior marketers about their challenges, the trends they see and how marketing is transforming. As far as social media goes, Liz has a personal and business strategy. From a personal perspective its all about Facebook and connecting/keeping in touch with family and friends whilst travelling. From a business perspective the CMO Councils Twitter strategy is to have a Twitter content feed and then a … [Read more...]

Survey shows a digital marketing mindset is rare

Digital Marketing Survery

When it comes to a digital marketing mindset nearly 80 percent of the marketers surveyed in the Annual Alterian Annual Survey recently published , admit they are concerned their brand is at risk from not being as engaged with customers, or failing to have a good grasp of how online conversations are impacting their brand. This is amplified by the fact that the survey showed less than one-third of marketers has a strong understanding of social media conversations happening around their brand. In fact, seven in 10 indicated they either have very little to no understanding (31 percent) or use a … [Read more...]

Alterian wins 2009 CRM Market Award

It seems like the good news keeps rolling in here at Alterian. On the heels of our extremely well recieved Engaging Times Summit and recent news with Unisys, we were honored with an award from CRM magazine. In their 2009 CRM Market Awards, Alterian was named as a Leader in their Marketing Solutions category. CRM magazine’s recognition of the Alterian platform of products continues the great traction we’re seeing with customers around the world. David Myron, CRM magazine’s editorial director said of all the winners, "To stay competitive in a challenging economy, companies must come up with … [Read more...]

How to ask for more money when your marketing budget gets cut

This week at TFM&A in London, we launched the findings of a piece of research conducted by the CMO Council (and sponsored by us) entitled Calibrate How You Operate. The headline was that ‘Marketing is the most challenged and most complex business unit’ – it’s already being picked up– Customer Strategy and Adweek and it highlights the battle marketers need to be ready for this year. “Demonstrating to the board that if marketing doesn’t get investment it needs to sort out the complexity, put more robust integration in place, and be able to analyse customers more effectively, … [Read more...]