How Robert Scoble uses Facebook

At Robert Scoble's house

Thomas Power and I caught up with Robert Scoble at his home to get an update on social platforms, see his set up and find out why he uses Facebook as his main platform to help his to see things happening faster than his competitors. Robert firstly talks about getting your story straight, then about the monitoring solution Rackspace has to monitor the conversations on social platforms and how its saving them millions of dollars. He then talks about content management to create thought leadership that in turn creates sales because people want to buy from ‘smart’ people. In terms of … [Read more...]

How Thomas Power uses social media, PART 1


Thomas Power is one of the World’s best networkers online and offline, and master of all things social media. Thomas explains how he manages his high email volumes, how he has trained machines to send him his news and information in order of priority, and his publishing strategy to multiple social networks. Having had 20 years in technology industry (he was Alan Sugar’s original apprentice in the late 80’s), and co founding and growing the Ecademy Social Network, Thomas is, what I would describe as, a social media “extreme skier” in terms of his total social connectedness, volume of … [Read more...]

The internet mindset: “Its a jungle out there”

One of the key principles in economics is that economies revolve around the concept of the scarcity of  products or resources. With the internet, companies tend to think purely economics also, asking: “how do we make money out of the internet?", "how can we control the market on the internet?", " how do we restrict what people say about us on the internet?" and so on.  A key distinction to make however is that the internet is not an economy but an ecology. Like a jungle where everything in the jungle is in abundance, not in scarcity, so the internet is full of abundance, abundant information, … [Read more...]