How Robert Scoble uses Facebook

At Robert Scoble's house

Thomas Power and I caught up with Robert Scoble at his home to get an update on social platforms, see his set up and find out why he uses Facebook as his main platform to help his to see things happening faster than his competitors. Robert firstly talks about getting your story straight, then about the monitoring solution Rackspace has to monitor the conversations on social platforms and how its saving them millions of dollars. He then talks about content management to create thought leadership that in turn creates sales because people want to buy from ‘smart’ people. In terms of … [Read more...]

100 Awesome Marketing Charts – brilliance from Hubspot

100 awesome marketing charts

If you were after some great marketing charts to put in a presentation to help justify expenditure on social media, search engine optimisation for your website, or more online/digital marketing such as webinars or virtual events look no further than this excellent 134 slide downloadable presentation from Hubspot - What I love more than anything are the summary slide messages at the end of each chapter: Go inbound or go home – brilliant justification for why traditional marketing isnt effective, costs more etc If Google cant find you neither will anyone … [Read more...]