How Thomas Power uses social media, PART 2


This is Part 2 of a video blog interview with Thomas Power one of the World’s best networkers online and offline and master of all things social media. You can reach Thomas at or on Twitter @thomaspowerThe ideal period to resolve any problem is before any visible sign only appear. Nowadays, there are many immigrants order medicaments online. Other ones are used to treat diabetes. If you're concerned about erectile health problem, you have to know about and levitra vs viagra. Our article focuses on the treatment of erectile … [Read more...]

Britain’s Digital BUSINESS future is our trading Future

Digital Business Britain Bob Barker

I recently attended an event entitled "Britain's Digital Future" event at the TUC Congress Hall Conference Centre in London with lots of luminaries and men in suits. I went because I thought they would talk about how we need to empower large and small business and individuals to have digital skills and digital mindsets and I might pick up some tips on how others were marketing or building their online brands and social capital to compete in the global market. But I was wrong it wasn't about that at all it was about the digital industry talking about itself and its value: Digital Content- the … [Read more...]

The internet mindset: “Its a jungle out there”

One of the key principles in economics is that economies revolve around the concept of the scarcity of  products or resources. With the internet, companies tend to think purely economics also, asking: “how do we make money out of the internet?", "how can we control the market on the internet?", " how do we restrict what people say about us on the internet?" and so on.  A key distinction to make however is that the internet is not an economy but an ecology. Like a jungle where everything in the jungle is in abundance, not in scarcity, so the internet is full of abundance, abundant information, … [Read more...]

Engaging Times Live – the value of physical meetings – Chicago August 25/26th

In these days when we are all trying to keep up not only on email but also blog, tweet, and attend webinars, whilst simultaneously trying to track the value of everything we do with numerous tools, we can often forget the value of meeting up with people in the real world to engage in conversation. As humans we are wired to do this, to communicate using all 5 senses and to enjoy speaking about not only the commercial side of life but issues of the economy, sport, relationships and the wider side of what we get up to on this planet. Meeting in person gives us the greatest chance to really … [Read more...]