How Dionne Lew, helps exec’s use social media

The Social Executive

Dionne Lew is the author of the recently published 'The Social Executive - how to master social media and why its good for business’. which is also the focus of her business in terms of training boards and C suite executives on how to use social media for business. In the interview we discuss the two main sections of her book, the Why social media is important and the How do I use it. Firstly, Dionne explains that social media is a critical business tool now and in the future with 2m people using social, but not many executives, they may have signed up but are not using it “its like going … [Read more...]

How Charlie de Rusett, digital entrepreneur, uses social media


Charlie is the CEO of Vine digital/Publishing a full service marketing agency also specializing in producing regional publications. At the grand old age of 25, Charlie has the advantage that he is naturally thinking digital when his organization advises firms on their content/digital/social strategy. From a personal perspective, Charlie uses social media to keep in contact with his family and friends as he finds it such a visual/instant medium to do that with, and to organise events with his friends and so he doesn't double book things at the weekends. Charlie explains that as has grown … [Read more...]

How Thomas Power uses social media, PART 2


This is Part 2 of a video blog interview with Thomas Power one of the World’s best networkers online and offline and master of all things social media. You can reach Thomas at or on Twitter @thomaspowerThe ideal period to resolve any problem is before any visible sign only appear. Nowadays, there are many immigrants order medicaments online. Other ones are used to treat diabetes. If you're concerned about erectile health problem, you have to know about and levitra vs viagra. Our article focuses on the treatment of erectile … [Read more...]

How Thomas Power uses social media, PART 1


Thomas Power is one of the World’s best networkers online and offline, and master of all things social media. Thomas explains how he manages his high email volumes, how he has trained machines to send him his news and information in order of priority, and his publishing strategy to multiple social networks. Having had 20 years in technology industry (he was Alan Sugar’s original apprentice in the late 80’s), and co founding and growing the Ecademy Social Network, Thomas is, what I would describe as, a social media “extreme skier” in terms of his total social connectedness, volume of … [Read more...]

Survey shows a digital marketing mindset is rare

Digital Marketing Survery

When it comes to a digital marketing mindset nearly 80 percent of the marketers surveyed in the Annual Alterian Annual Survey recently published , admit they are concerned their brand is at risk from not being as engaged with customers, or failing to have a good grasp of how online conversations are impacting their brand. This is amplified by the fact that the survey showed less than one-third of marketers has a strong understanding of social media conversations happening around their brand. In fact, seven in 10 indicated they either have very little to no understanding (31 percent) or use a … [Read more...]

To build a networked nation we have to change our mindset

It was exciting to see the launch of the Manifesto for a Networked Nation from Martha Lane Fox the UK Governments Digital Champion. I found the top 3 things most compelling were: 1. Internet literacy is on a par with numeracy and literacy 2. The lack of motivation and access to skills is what is stopping people 3. We need to change our mindset You can download it here at  Its the same for businesses. As we found in the Alterian Brands at Risk research carried out by Professor Michael Hulme of Lancaster University companies  will  need a … [Read more...]

The internet mindset: “Its a jungle out there”

One of the key principles in economics is that economies revolve around the concept of the scarcity of  products or resources. With the internet, companies tend to think purely economics also, asking: “how do we make money out of the internet?", "how can we control the market on the internet?", " how do we restrict what people say about us on the internet?" and so on.  A key distinction to make however is that the internet is not an economy but an ecology. Like a jungle where everything in the jungle is in abundance, not in scarcity, so the internet is full of abundance, abundant information, … [Read more...]