How Simon Porter of IBM uses social media

Simon Porter

In this video I interview Simon Porter from IBM, who runs their Mid Market business in Europe, who has very successfully been building his social media skills and following over the last 18 months. He shares his routine of looking at social media for 30 minutes first thing in the morning (before his email) and how he uses the gaps during the day to respond to people quickly who engage with him on Twitter. He also discusses the platforms he uses and how: LinkedIn, Twitter, Scredible etc and how IBM encourages use of this communications channel being used more and more for business, especially … [Read more...]

How Jennifer Arcuri, Innotech Entrepreneur, uses social media

Innoctech Summit founder and producer

Jennifer Arcuri, is the founder and producer of the Innotech Summit 2013, an event focused on second stage start ups in London and building the Digital Economy. In this interview we find out how Jennifer uses social media to create a buzz around Innotech and to get people to the event which includes the first transatlantic Google+Hangout between Boris Johnson in London, Hollywood/LA and Silicon Valley/San Francisco with a focus on championing inward investment from California to London to help build the digital economy. Jennifer and her team of interns have found using Twitter and hash … [Read more...]

How Martin Smith, Neolane Marketing, uses social media

Martin Smith, Neolane Marketing

Martin Smith is head of marketing at Neolane, a Conversational and Campaign marketing platform. Martin splits his personal social media from his professional social media, using Facebook for only communicating with friends, a personal twitter and professional twitter account and Foursquare for networking both professionally and socially and as a location finder. Martin trys to put himself in his customers shoes and only tweets valuable content such as infographics, sector news. He uses as a blogging tool but that is for his own personal blogging around on Guitars and also … [Read more...]

Greatest need for digital PR – creating content to catch the social tide

Make sure you take advantage of the social media tide

Creating content to catch the social tide In the excellent report Many Voices, One Message on the future of communications it is the ability to create engaging simulating content that is the greatest single need expressed by executives surveyed. This of course comes down to the people in the business and its creative agencies partners and the like to come up (Bite says unlock the content of its clients – which having been a client I would say is true) with this content and then the organisation itself to have the processes to create, publish widely on multiple channels and then measure the … [Read more...]

Have you been engaged?

Yesterday over 400 marketing heads and decision makers gathered in London for the inaugural Alterian Engaging Times European Summit. If the twittersphere was anything to go by, and I hope you were following the #engagingtimes hashtag, customer engagement is definitely now on the minds of the brands and agencies that attended.  Highlights for me would have to be marketing legend Stan Rapp, who is always an entertaining speaker, Andrew Finlayson from AstraZeneca and Will Whitehorn from Virgin Galactic. It was interesting to see how these leading thinkers feel customer engagement will be a game … [Read more...]

Are you ready to engage?

The last 18 months has seen some of the most significant changes in the marketing space in decades. As social media has exploded in popularity, businesses have begun to realize that anyone with an internet connection has the ability to damage their brand. Subsequently poorly targeted email campaigns or generic websites are no longer good enough to engage with both prospects and customers. Social media has empowered the customer in a way never before thought possible and brand engagement has had to evolve to provide the level of service the public now demands. Late last week we launched the … [Read more...]

Customer Engagement Demystified

The words engagement and customer engagement are beginning to pop up all over the place, in fact I went round the DMA last week in San Diego "Engagement" spotting as only a marketer focused on customer engagement might. So whats new, why all the fuss and generally what does it all mean to the marketer? In order to get a debate going, our very own Mike Talbot hooked up with Neil Davey at Mycustomer on a fresh Bristol morning to engage in a live chat session on the subject.  With conversation gems such as "I think it's the oldest thing in the book" and "an opt in email name is worth on average … [Read more...]

Alterian wins 2009 CRM Market Award

It seems like the good news keeps rolling in here at Alterian. On the heels of our extremely well recieved Engaging Times Summit and recent news with Unisys, we were honored with an award from CRM magazine.   In their 2009 CRM Market Awards, Alterian was named as a Leader in their Marketing Solutions category. CRM magazine’s recognition of the Alterian platform of products continues the great traction we’re seeing with customers around the world. David Myron, CRM magazine’s editorial director said of all the winners, "To stay competitive in a challenging economy, companies must come up with … [Read more...]

Engaging Times Live – the value of physical meetings – Chicago August 25/26th

In these days when we are all trying to keep up not only on email but also blog, tweet, and attend webinars, whilst simultaneously trying to track the value of everything we do with numerous tools, we can often forget the value of meeting up with people in the real world to engage in conversation. As humans we are wired to do this, to communicate using all 5 senses and to enjoy speaking about not only the commercial side of life but issues of the economy, sport, relationships and the wider side of what we get up to on this planet. Meeting in person gives us the greatest chance to really … [Read more...]