How Becky McMichael, marketing media mum, uses social media

Becky McMichael

Becky is head of strategy and innovation at UK Communications agency Ruder Finn, she also runs a group for Women working in media/marketing. Essentially, Becky is a bit of a multitasking practical guru on all things digital marketing and social. Her objective with social is to be “more present” professionally within the industry and at work from a virtual working perspective, she now feels she has reached a place of "connectedness" where being online is like being in the office with the team.  Personally its for family networking and keeping up to date with … [Read more...]

Engaging Times Live – the value of physical meetings – Chicago August 25/26th

In these days when we are all trying to keep up not only on email but also blog, tweet, and attend webinars, whilst simultaneously trying to track the value of everything we do with numerous tools, we can often forget the value of meeting up with people in the real world to engage in conversation. As humans we are wired to do this, to communicate using all 5 senses and to enjoy speaking about not only the commercial side of life but issues of the economy, sport, relationships and the wider side of what we get up to on this planet. Meeting in person gives us the greatest chance to really … [Read more...]