How, Adam Gray, social media advisor at Oracle, uses social media

Adam Gray

Adam Gray is a Social Media Speaker, writer and advisor to all sizes of businesses in his position as Client Social Engagement lead at Oracle. In this short interview Adam explains how he focuses mainly on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and how he weaves social media throughout his day mainly due to peoples expectancy of an immediate response. Adam stresses that its important not to talk/write about you (your product and services) but to talk in terms of the customers interests - "They want to hear about them, not you". He also points out that when starting in social media its … [Read more...]

How Christina Blount Presnell of, uses Google+

Christina Blount Presnell

Christina Blount Presnell is the owner of a global web store run from Harrisonburg, in the mountains of Virginia in the USA. She has been at the forefront of using Google+ to find new customers to build her business. Her main objective of using Social media/Google+ is to reach her market with a focus on building connections and community with her customers. Christina says that community (Google+ has a community building platform built within it which is also integrated with Google+ Hangouts video conferencing) gives the customers something to do and share around the … [Read more...]

Engaging Times Live – the value of physical meetings – Chicago August 25/26th

In these days when we are all trying to keep up not only on email but also blog, tweet, and attend webinars, whilst simultaneously trying to track the value of everything we do with numerous tools, we can often forget the value of meeting up with people in the real world to engage in conversation. As humans we are wired to do this, to communicate using all 5 senses and to enjoy speaking about not only the commercial side of life but issues of the economy, sport, relationships and the wider side of what we get up to on this planet. Meeting in person gives us the greatest chance to really … [Read more...]