The internet mindset: “Its a jungle out there”

One of the key principles in economics is that economies revolve around the concept of the scarcity of  products or resources. With the internet, companies tend to think purely economics also, asking: “how do we make money out of the internet?”, “how can we control the market on the internet?”, ” how do we restrict what people say about us on the internet?” and so on.  A key distinction to make however is that the internet is not an economy but an ecology. Like a jungle where everything in the jungle is in abundance, not in scarcity, so the internet is full of abundance, abundant information, abundant connectivity where you can “connect” and “collaborate” with an ever increasing amount of people, in a random way, where there are with are no laid down paths. Also like a jungle, the internet is massive, its out of control and if you were parachuted into the jungle you would have to work out how to survive. Today we are faced with having to survive in the internet jungle with nothing more than a laptop, we have no choice, its democratising, global presence is upon us and shaping the way the world works.  Therefore to survive we had better get some survival training (digital skills), learn about the way the internet (and social media) operates, how to be found in the jungle, and what tools we need to use in order to build a life there and not only survive but thrive.

The best survival course for the internet is a one day 12 hour crash course run by Ecademy, designed to help individuals  understand what is happening on the internet (in the jungle), how to establish your brand on the internet (being found in the jungle) and what tools to use on the internet (the survival kit).  One of those tools is Alterian’s SM2 social media monitoring tool which helps companies understand what is happening in their part of the jungle and helps to find “similar tribes” in that part of the jungle.

So make sure you are fully prepared for your journey on the internet by investing in some education and the right tools, because, and I’ve always wanted to say this in a blog, “its a jungle out there!”

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About Bob Barker

Bob is an innovative marketer with 25 years in technology marketing across all disciplines in small and large brands. A regular commentator on social business and digital marketing his passion is for unlocking the digital potential of both firms and their people.