How Toby Beresford gets other people to use social media

Toby Beresford is the founder of Leaderboarded, a ‘Gamification’ software company (SaaS), which helps organisations identify the ROI of social media. This is achieved by setting up Leaderboards on agreed social media staff engagement which in turn then drives more activity, ultimately helping drive the objectives set for social business/engagement.

Leaderboarded can take in the data to make up the Leaderboarded scores from multiple sources: an organisations own internal data (spreadsheets, the CRM system, the intranet, in fact anything you can measure digitally), publically available data (Twitter, G+, Slideshare) and private data if the players allow it (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube).

The tool looks at both social activity and reciprocity (sharing)which encourages the production of good quality content. However, it is not about tracking for tracking sake, Leaderboarded activity is mostly based around social initiatives which drive the activity. For example a new brand book which needs socializing throughout the organization.

Companies using Leaderboarded are typically the ones which have a business attitude to social media, so they can measure performance. You can also “Leaderboarded” people in a sector to identify who are the most active (for example by looking at the activity around a #hashtag) and use this data to narrow the focus of your marketing/engagement. Very small organisations are also using Leaderboarded as a way of publishing their data so staff can look at their team performance.

Leaderboarded is a responsive web app so it is also available on multiple platform including mobile and tablet, so staff can see their scores from any device.

Toby’s tip is to use Leaderboarded is to firstly to identify the behaviour you are trying to encourage e.g. getting staff to Tweet more. Discussion should then happen about what should be Leadersboarded and what the weightings should be. The best way is to get something out there and try it.

For the greater good Leaderboarded “gets people doing something, it also identifies those who are doing well and those that need help/attention. Its all about becoming a more effective group rather than randomly shooting in the dark on social media.

You can reach Toby at or on Twitter at @tobyberesford

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About Bob Barker

Bob is an innovative marketer with 25 years in technology marketing across all disciplines in small and large brands. A regular commentator on social business and digital marketing his passion is for unlocking the digital potential of both firms and their people.