How Thomas Power uses social media, PART 1

Thomas Power is one of the World’s best networkers online and offline, and master of all things social media. Thomas explains how he manages his high email volumes, how he has trained machines to send him his news and information in order of priority, and his publishing strategy to multiple social networks.

Having had 20 years in technology industry (he was Alan Sugar’s original apprentice in the late 80’s), and co founding and growing the Ecademy Social Network, Thomas is, what I would describe as, a social media “extreme skier” in terms of his total social connectedness, volume of activity and technical/digital competence, so his insight into how he uses social media is fascinating, motivating and very informed.

His advice to people trying to “go social” is to practice, like you’d need to if you were trying to improve your golf, and to tweet daily, blog weekly and video blog monthly.

You can reach Thomas at or on Twitter @thomaspower

This video comes in 2 parts due to the size of HD file, Youtube didn’t like it all in one go. The Part 2 blog follows straight after Part 1.

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