How Roger Warner, MD Content and Motion, uses social media

In this video blog Roger, Managing Director of Content and Motion a PR agency for social networks, describes his device/ task specific strategy for using and managing social media. He had to work out a better way to work as it nearly cost him his marriage and his sanity.

Roger has written his approach up in the  Dumbphone Manifesto based around the analogy that a Swiss Army Knife doesn’t make a particularly good screwdriver. He describes how he uses his HTC Flyer (smaller ipad) as a ‘browsing pad’ for email and twitter at times during the day, but uses his desktop for focused work tasks. Roger goes onto talk abut his inbound content strategy based around Google Reader and Tweetdeck, his outbound strategy based around Twitter and through regularly blogging twice a week based on a planned ‘creative time to start the week’ first thing on a Monday morning.

Roger finishes with reminding us how the availability of technology/the internet/social media allows everyone to be able to express themselves, to have a voice, in a way that’s never been possible before “you own the printing press”. He explains that brands need to use this as a way of connecting to people because the will to publish and connect will always be there.

His tips for going social: don’t use a device like a Swiss Army Knife, don’t try and do everything all at once, don’t get hooked on a ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO), get focused on a few ways that work for you and don’t, what ever you do, do it at the expense of your family. Wise advice indeed.

You can contact roger @rogerwarner or at @contentmotion

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