How Penny Power, social media evangelist, uses social media

Penny Power is one of the leading lights in the UK (perhaps globally) in helping educate, inspire and get businesses adopting social media. Penny is a founder of Penny Power Ltd, the Digital Youth Academy, Frontier (Digital and Social Business Coaching), and Ecademy (SME Social Networking community) and on the video she explains what each does.

Penny has to really motivate herself to use the social platforms as she is not naturally interested in the technology in itself, but with the ipad, the mobile web and all the social platforms linked to work together productively, she can use the time between all her meetings/speaking and advising, to Tweet, share and contribute, across a range of the core platforms including: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and blogs.

To get her blogging done (8 per month on average, plus many comments on others) she makes an appointment with herself and suggests that this is great tip to use when learning or just using social media. She also feels she is more of a columnist in a newspaper (if you imagine the online world as a newspaper) focusing on certain topics she is known for.

Penny also sees mastering the digital world as well as social media as a vital skill set in todays economy to make an individual productive in everything they are trying to achieve. Through mastering both technologies, blogging for 10 years, and genuinely engaging people online, Penny has been able to build a global brand and significant social capital which she leverages with Government, big business and small business to achieve her aims. She strongly believes everyone should be building their own social capital and that firms should help staff do this to build their network beyond the company they work for.

Her top tips for going social are to firstly remove yourself from the technology and then work out what your voice is (a singer doesn’t start by working our how to use the microphone they decide what song they are going to sing), your motivation/objective/cause and that will help you get through the big learning curve of having to master the technology. If you can simply master Tweeting and blogging (and perhaps Youtube also in time) you’ll be on your way.

Penny can be reached at @pennypower or at  If you want a Digital Youth to work with your business go to the link here.

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