How Jonathan Sorum, Google Enterprise, uses social media

Jonathan works for Google in the Enterprise Applications Business helping businesses migrate to the cloud. The way he balances his use of social media both internally and externally is very insightful.

Jonathan, internally within Google, sees himself as consumer and contributor of social media from being part of certain Circles (Circles are the way that Google+) Google’s social network) is organized, a natural way to have people in various circles/groups) some being more technically focused some more company news focused.

As far as external tools are concerned, although Twitter has replaced Jonathan’s news reader, he doesn’t find it easy to use it for dialogues, so when it comes to discussions he is back to Google+ for external social media as its much easier to keep a thread going. Jonathan doesn’t blog but “shares with narrative attached” adding to the conversation.

Jonathan takes us through some of the other socially collaborative tools available on Google (Google Mail, Google Circles, Google Hangouts, Google docs) with everything being easy to access from one place. He has a 1 minute rule, where if a text based chat is going on for one minute its switched to a Google Hangout (video conference). Jonathan also explains that he often carrys out a hangout on his mobile or transfers it to the big screens which are integrated into the meeting rooms at Google. He also explains how collaboration is normally done around a project – where docs can be shared easily and worked on concurrently.

Jonathan also mentions his use of Google drive, which is on all his devices, including his ipad which allows him to search and references any document, and gives and example of how that works when you only have your mobile handy.

Jonathans tip for going social is to remember there are “several you’s”, so make sure you moderate your content to get the right message to the right person, with tools that help you do that, in his case of course that’s through using Google+ Circles.

Connect at +Johnathan Sorum on Google+

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