How James Potter, the Linkedin man, uses social Media

James Potter is a Linkedin trainer/expert but also a great connector of people. So its quite interesting to hear how he uses social media to grow his brand and business his objective being “to make his network feel loved”. James explains how he mainly uses Linkedin everyday in terms of a status update, but then has an hour on Fridays where he trys to add value in groups and catch up with admin, link people etc.

He talks Linkedin speak a lot through the interview, so if you don’t understand it, get in touch with James and get some training!. His Blogging strategy is once a week but he writes a block at a time and gets his office to post them once a week. James talks about the success he ahs had with Linkedin and as just one example a client who he trained got a £1.9m order of the back of a status message.

His overall tip for using Linkedin is “get involved”, don’t stand on the sidelines waiting for it to happen.

You can contact James at or check him out on Linkedin of course

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