How Giles York, DCC Sussex Police, uses social media

Giles York is Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) of Sussex Police as well as being the ACPO Lead for Intelligence and Intellectual Property Crime. So how does he find the time for social media?

Giles explains how in his home life he uses social media to keep up with friends and family, but for policing, he mainly uses Twitter and he explains how Sussex Police is encouraging its use at a personal level within the force. He says that by him using it, it gives everyone else permission to use it and also permission to make mistakes like he does.

His contact strategy, based on devices, is: if you want an answer within an hour, text him, within a day, phone him and within a week, email him. He also explains how due to security he has to take 4 bits of technology around with him, but this gives him the choice and flexibility to work where and when he wants to.

Giles’s tips for going social are brilliant and he expands on each one on the video:

  • Don’t be afraid of having a go
  • Its not just for the young
  • You can’t choose not to be part of it
  • If you want to know what they are saying about you, you’ll just have to logon to find out, something he advises the politicians to do when they dismiss social.

You can follow Giles @DCCgilesyork

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