How Andrew Davis, software entrepreneur, uses social media

Andrew is the co-founder od  a conversational marketing platform (enabling brands to have individual conversations with their customers based on automated real-time content orchestration). Andrew is a heavy user of social media in his role in business development and marketing for the company and in the video he explains how he sees social media at the highest level as just another way of communicating across, but one which allows him access to people he wouldn’t other wise achieve. He goes through all the major platforms and how he uses them either ambiently (in the background) or full on to connect and communicate in business or just to keep up with his friends.

Andrew describes how he set up and entire trip to Silicon valley using Linkedin and Twitter (with people he had never met except online), making the point that social media opens up your identity so people can see the real you in a business context and see how relevant it would be to meet you, this principle working both ways. The point being that when you do meet you know a lot more about the person in front, you know the context of the meeting and this therefore makes real in-person meetings much more productive.

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