Greatest need for digital PR – creating content to catch the social tide

Make sure you take advantage of the social media tideCreating content to catch the social tide
In the excellent report Many Voices, One Message on the future of communications it is the ability to create engaging simulating content that is the greatest single need expressed by executives surveyed. This of course comes down to the people in the business and its creative agencies partners and the like to come up (Bite says unlock the content of its clients – which having been a client I would say is true) with this content and then the organisation itself to have the processes to create, publish widely on multiple channels and then measure the impact of that content on customer engagement.

Leveraging the social tide

The report does point out that success depends in part on time-tested communications disciplines, combined with a clear view of the customer and having all the data and sales systems in place, but yet again it comes back to the importance of spreading the idea virally in a “social tide” which relies on ideas being spread by people the 1:1:Many principle i.e. from employee to employee, employee to customer, journalist to reader/customer and customer to prospect.

Storytelling is still important

When it comes to corporate storytelling the report says this becomes more important than its ever been as forward looking brands are also coming to grips with the fact they don’t own their stories, they control the original version of their story but then can’t control how it evolves and spreads.

To catch the social tide this has do to as much with reputation, authority, emotion and values as well as the ability to engage and sustain a conversation about what that information means. All this requires communications professionals who are skill navigators of these waters which brings us back to the reference to tides. Understanding tides, tidal streams is an essential part to any nautical adventure, get them wrong and you can end up going backwards with the tide against you, or even be driven onto the rocks, get them right and you can be propelled at twice your speed to get to the next port early in time for a nice Gin & Tonic.

By Bob Barker

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