Don’t forget to pick up the phone

Don’t forget to pick up the phoneDon’t forget to pick up the phone >
With so many ways to connect these days we tend to forget the way we have communicated for years and one which gets across the all important sentiment and humanness – the telephone/mobile phone.

Here are 3 tips:

1. How to speed up problem solving - Sending more than 3 emails about a subject? – then pick up the phone and talk to people. Otherwise inboxes get clogged, people get bored, especially if the world is copied on the responses. So just pick up the phone, or arrange a call and get it sorted that way.

2. Hiding in plain site ? – Trying to connect with someone really senior in a sales situation? – if you know what you want to say – your elevator pitch is polished, then call them up directly, its likely all their details are available. They might actually welcome a call if you have something of value to them they will be interested, or are bound to know someone who is interested.

3. Want to cut through the noise? – Senior people in the organisation connect on the phone first, they have to. In my experience, the larger the company the more email noise there is generally, the more senior the person, the more emails they get, will they be waiting for your tweet?, probably not, so what cuts through all that? – picking up the phone, if its important enough they will take the call.
If you have any other tips I’d love to hear them.

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