Customer Engagement Demystified

Question MarkThe words engagement and customer engagement are beginning to pop up all over the place, in fact I went round the DMA last week in San Diego “Engagement” spotting as only a marketer focused on customer engagement might. So whats new, why all the fuss and generally what does it all mean to the marketer?

In order to get a debate going, our very own Mike Talbot hooked up with Neil Davey at Mycustomer on a fresh Bristol morning to engage in a live chat session on the subject.  With conversation gems such as “I think it’s the oldest thing in the book” and “an opt in email name is worth on average $118 – now that’s just an opt-in…”  and “Remember it’s 1-1-Many” its got to be worth a read.

Its a big topic and what was only a half an hour session soon became 45minutes. For the full read of this interesting transcript go to or if you want my views on the subject click on ‘Tips for Customer Engagement’ above and get my top 10.

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