How Nadia Saint, Digital PR consultant, uses social media

Nadia is a Digital PR consultant at leading communications firm Bite who is active on social media both for her job and in her personal life. In this video Nadia explains how she mainly manages her social media on her smart phone and has been trying to perfect the use of shortcuts, customization of her Google pages to make life easier/more productive.

Nadia actively keeps her business and social life online separate, blogging at work for specific clients focuses and using Twitter to find really interesting content. She used to blog long 500 word articles but now due to work pressure and peoples attention spans she tends to curates picture, video and text content based on her audience.

Nadia’s core advice on going social is to understand what you are trying to do, who your audience is and being wary of the repercussions of what you are posting. She gives the example of the ability of anyone to instantly take a screen shot of anything you’ve done and share it.

Nadia can be reached via email at Bite or followed on twitter @nadiasaint

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