How Kate Russell, of BBC Click, uses social media

Kate Russell is a technology journalist, author and educator and has been working on BBC Click now for over 10 years.

Kate explains how she uses Twitter as her main social media tool for information gathering, as a notice board for what she and BBC Click are up to and to get her messages out.

Kate does the majority of her social media from her desktop on a large screen, in very focused time, spending at least an hour or more some days (it depends how long she has been away from her desk) researching, organizing, buffering and posting. She then dips in and out during the office day but never goes near social when doing her real editing and broadcasting.

We she is out of the office she would rather spend her time interacting with the real world and does very little social communications from her mobile (apart from glancing at Twitter). Otherwise you can get “caught up” and she would rather talk to people and then go and do her social media when she gets home. What a great reminder for all of us.

Her tip for social media is make sure you have a define objective of what you want to achieve in a very targeted way, not just “I want more people to see me”. Once you have your goal then work out the strategy and tactics to meet that objective.

You can reach Kate @katerussell

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