How Ged Carroll, social publisher, uses social media

Ged Carroll is Director of Digital strategies at Ruder Finn, co author of the recent book The Social Media MBA, and what I would describe as a social publisher blogging at least twice a day, as well as for clients and using bookmarking to help him keep track of all the subjects he follows.

Ged describes him self as being naturally curious as uses social media to find things out, augment his memory, grow him network, as well as publishing for himself and for others e.g. he blogs for PR week 3 times a week. Ged starts his social media day with looking at RSS feeds scanning everything he is curious about , bookmarking everything (using on the web so it syncs for he can access from multiple devices) with a couple of labels and in folders so he can then track everything for clients and for personal use, sharing on Twitter as he goes. He looks at social media in blocks of time, in the evening probably watching television at the same time.

Ged has a device specific strategy using a mobile for voice and SMS, and iphone4S for data, and a mixture of Mac Book, Mac Book  Pro and Air with larger screens plugged in depending on his work mode and travel, syncing using icloud.

Ged blogs twice a day at 7am and 7pm (digital and social commentary) with a “Links for the day” of things he finds interesting and original content often with embeds. He finds this easy as he is curious, has made it a habit and he knows that Google values freshness, relevance and quality of content. Ged also syndicates his content onto multiple social platforms either automated or personally.

Ged’s activity on Social Media has found him his last 2 jobs, and has widened his global network (larger and looser – now possible with the internet) with both friends and professionally, which has opened up opportunities for him.

His top tip for people “going social” is to be pragmatic and work out what suits you, and use bookmarks to augment your memory.

You can find Ged on twitter on @r_c or at

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About Bob Barker

Bob is an innovative marketer with 25 years in technology marketing across all disciplines in small and large brands. A regular commentator on social business and digital marketing his passion is for unlocking the digital potential of both firms and their people.