How Mick Say, Online Marketing Strategist, Uses Social Media

Mick Say runs the Online Marketing Academy, Web Business Builder and several other web related business from his “Social Media Shed” on the Kent Coast. Although being competent in social media is a prerequisite for Mick in the business he is in, from a personal perspective, he is able to learn all he needs to know about his running and keeping up in his business from his social networking activity with similar experts. This is a good example of using social media for ongoing learning and development.

Mick manages his social networking both in one hour blocks and also in real time. During his one hour of allocated time he responds to LinkedIn actvitiy, answers requests which require a more considered responses etc. However he manages Tweets and Facebook requests via a dedicated screen in his office in real time as they occur.

Mick has developed a 5 screen set up in his office to be able to manage his clients projects and keep up with social activity. When mobile, he prefers using his ipad and the native social platform app’s for doing social updates on the move.

Mick’s view on social is that it all revolves around content and the creation of an online marketing platform, which he believes is a better term for a website these days. This is because the website needs to be the content hub, the blog, and the ecommerce platform (should that be a requirement). His current key phrase is: “its all about search, find and decide” But he stresses that one must never forget the physical/tradition side of marketing.

Mick runs a digital marketing awareness course to teach people about digital marketing as he believes there needs to be an understanding of digital throughout the whole business, or else this lack of understanding could hold it back.

Mick’s top tip for social is essentially make sure your understand what it and online marketing is all about first.

Sorry for the squawking sounds during the filming or this interview, these were the seagulls circling above Mick’s shed.

You can contact Mick on twitter @micksay or via email

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