How John Cassidy, photographer, uses social media

John Cassidy uses social media to get “lots of recommendations”. John is a multi faceted photographer,see his website , having has a career as a photographer in the RAF and having worked for national newspapers. One of the strings to his bow is that he specialises in head shots for social media.

John himself uses all the main social media platforms which he has linked up and automated. His routine is effectively catching up between “shoots” and sees Twitter as the easiest and quickest platform, which he has it set up to send him an SMS/text every time someone mentions him so he can react immediately when someone tweets him. Great tip.

John explains how a good photo for social media is important to help people recognize you, and to help build you brand consistently across all platforms.

John tries to blog once or twice a month and has now found a focus for that which he calls “Illuminating Brands” where he will blog about his customers.

To get recommendations John explains how when a client puts up a new photo that is an obvious time for him to get a recommendation, but he also does a lot of commenting to aid that process.

Johns top tip for social, apart from get a good headshot, is to automate as much as you can, which saves time and also not to stress about it too much , just do it when you can.

You can reach John on Twitter @john__cassidy or via his website.

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