How Jennifer Arcuri, Innotech Entrepreneur, uses social media

Jennifer Arcuri, is the founder and producer of the Innotech Summit 2013, an event focused on second stage start ups in London and building the Digital Economy. In this interview we find out how Jennifer uses social media to create a buzz around Innotech and to get people to the event which includes the first transatlantic Google+Hangout between Boris Johnson in London, Hollywood/LA and Silicon Valley/San Francisco with a focus on championing inward investment from California to London to help build the digital economy.

Jennifer and her team of interns have found using Twitter and hash tags (#) within Twitter to create or piggyback on a trend, as an excellent way to create a conversation to engage with their audience. Jennifer explains that if you have a clear message for those conversations around a strong topic (for example #digitaleconomy, #startuplife #Innotech) so people are clear on what you are trying to achieve, it is easier to engage and see your followers expand immediately.

Jennifer is also using Google+ more and more to socialize further than Twitter can, in terms images/content and conversation (as well as LinkedIn and Facebook). Jennifer also uses video which she will try to get to go viral as video is such a strong media to get your message across.

The great thing about these social channels, Jennifer says, is that you get to connect with the audience while they are “living their lives”, fish where the fish are. She finds people “wake up to Twitter” and often the best time to get Tweets re-tweeted is first thing in the morning, when people look at their threads. She and her team will have periods during the day when they focus on the hashtags and trends and add to them. If people engage they follow up straight away on whatever channel (they do this via mobile devices if on the move) and Jennifer stresses that staying engaging in what ever form, works, no matter how off topic.

The Google+Hangout Jennifer has organised for Innotech is the first time a political leader, like Boris Johnson, is engaging with Venture Capitalists live about championing investment from California (Los Angeles and San Francisco) to London. Jennifer feels the Google+Hangout format was a very engaging way to do this.

Jennifer’s tip for people using social media for marketing is “Content is King” and knowing your message and who your audience is also very important. Its then a case of pushing your message on the social channels and then building beyond that, piggy backing on that traffic and finding out what works to engaging in a conversation. The great thing is, she says, that you don’t have to spend lots of hard money to do all this.

You can reach Jennifer on Twiiter at @Jennifer_Arcuri or at

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