How Daniel Doherty, Social Media Advisor, uses social media

Daniel’s main business is which helps both small businesses market themselves online and also helps larger companies and publishers with their social content creation and publishing strategies. He has a strong focus on saving his clients time in the area of social media, focusing on both time efficiency and effectiveness.

Daniel started in social media running a property lettings business using Twitter to listen to people in his local area who were commenting about moving and then stepping in to helpfully offer his services. This led to lots of other business asking for his help with online marketing and his second business was formed.

As far as personal use of social media, Daniel uses different platforms for different things and has several persona’s including his property business, his private Facebook and his online/social business. Daniel always starts his day with email (gmail) using Sanebox to filter his email and get on top of all the one to one tasks created by email from his various clients.

Daniel uses Hootsuite to manage all his different social networks using the tabs and dashboards within it to help organize his interest streams and each clients communications plan . Daniel admits to being a bit of a nightowl, and Hootsuite allows him to schedule his social media shares and content at the right time and on a regular basis across all his clients and topics.

As far as blogging is concerned, Daniel would rather have a microsite set up for the subject matter as he uses RSS content feeds to stream interesting content from various sources to build engagement for that site, not blog about it himself.

From a device perspective, Daniel can run his life from his phone (Android), with all the mobile versions of applications (Facebook Page Manager, Hootsuite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Drive, Gmail) available. As far as a desktop environment he has a MacBook Air with a second screen so he can display all his feeds. Daniel feels with his set up he can do his work wherever and when it suits him. He also uses this as a client focus too, how much time do they have to actually participate in social media and on what channels.

Daniel has a crash course in social media to help people understand the basics, so when he begins with clients he doesn’t have to keep repeating himself. He then gives them small steps to start with and as they achieve successes this helps builds their confidence. He talks in terms of saving clients 1000’s of hours in social media if they set themselves up efficiently.

Daniels top tip for individuals is that people are already looking at you online, so you must start curating your life and the impression you want to give people. Care about your online persona.

On a final note on that, Daniel doesn’t normally dress like James Bond, he was on his way to the Irish Embassy for a Trade Dinner straight after our interview.

You can reach Daniel on Twitter @danieldoherty or at

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