How Becky McMichael, marketing media mum, uses social media

Becky is head of strategy and innovation at UK Communications agency Ruder Finn, she also runs a group for Women working in media/marketing. Essentially, Becky is a bit of a multitasking practical guru on all things digital marketing and social.

Her objective with social is to be “more present” professionally within the industry and at work from a virtual working perspective, she now feels she has reached a place of “connectedness” where being online is like being in the office with the team.  Personally its for family networking and keeping up to date with the industry, her ipad being an excellent device for travel.

In terms of routines, as a working Mum she confesses to check Twitter (iphone) in-between making the kids breakfast, and then during the day as she has been using social media for so long, she easily multi tasks between checking all her feeds, groups, blogs and keeping up with whats happening commenting “you wouldn’t put time in your diary to check your inbox”.

As far as social tools, Becky explains how the firm is very collaborative and digital, using everything from Google docs and Hangouts to Skype with clients, which replaces the phone and email during the working day. In terms of platforms she tends to put them in context siting Pinteset as an example of platform which is encouraging women to curate and share, but from a personal perspective.

In terms of blogging, Becky blogs for the agency, her clients and so for her own blog (often coming bottom of the list), she tends to try and write a bunch of blogs which she can then release over time.

Becky talks about how she feels social media has now grown up from a “just do it” approach to one where brands want a strategy/call to action, but feels things may shake out a bit in terms of privacy and as people get more savvy on how their data is being used.

Becky’s top tip is to have anti-social time in terms of being strict about being not connected e.g. iphones in the middle of the table, first one to touch, picks up the bill (I must try that one…), as it keeps you thinking fresh.

You can reach or follow Becky at @bmcmichael or check out her blog at

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