Do you have marketing goggles for your website?

As a marketer working in the technology sector for 25 years when I look at our website or indeed any website I immediately pick up on the obvious stuff that probably isn’t working from a marketing and engagement perspective for that webpage e.g. its boring, not engaging, not on brand , the content is out of date, isn’t linked etc. I don’t see why others don’t necessarily see this and I call this looking at things through my “marketing goggles” trained eyes with experience that just pick these things up. Others have very necessary “technical goggles” or “design goggles” but mine are all about engagement. Within Alterian marketing we allocate people within the marketing team to look at sections of our website with “marketing goggles” so we can improve engagement, a journey we are all on and requiring a daily focus.

This is all very well I hear you thinking… but isn’t it all based on gut feel and experience, what about an electronic version of this that actually tracks the reality of engagement? , something that can look at the marketing assets on a website and tell the marketer how popular they are, the behaviours associated with them so that they can statistically work out what is engaging and what just isn’t working. Enter which does just that. My web team can now apply this tool to back up the gut feel and really optimise our website for engagement. Whilst Web Journey isn’t a replacement for great design that can really make a website it certainly backs up gut feel with a set of “electronic marketing goggles”, and augments the digital and engagement mindset all marketers needs to have these days for their website.

About Bob Barker

Bob is an innovative marketer with 25 years in technology marketing across all disciplines in small and large brands. A regular commentator on social business and digital marketing his passion is for unlocking the digital potential of both firms and their people.