100 Awesome Marketing Charts – brilliance from Hubspot

100 awesome marketing chartsIf you were after some great marketing charts to put in a presentation to help justify expenditure on social media, search engine optimisation for your website, or more online/digital marketing such as webinars or virtual events look no further than this excellent 134 slide downloadable presentation from Hubspot – http://www.hubspot.com/charts

What I love more than anything are the summary slide messages at the end of each chapter:

  1. Go inbound or go home – brilliant justification for why traditional marketing isnt effective, costs more etc
  2. If Google cant find you neither will anyone else – why search is critical
  3. Its time to get social – in case you hadn’t realised.
  4. Blog early and often – sound advice
  5. If you don’t like Facebook yet, you will – there is no stopping it
  6. Don’t be a twit, start Tweeting – great stats on why it matters.

So download now and enjoy.

Bob Barker

About Bob Barker

Bob is an innovative marketer with 25 years in technology marketing across all disciplines in small and large brands. A regular commentator on social business and digital marketing his passion is for unlocking the digital potential of both firms and their people.