How, Adam Gray, social media advisor at Oracle, uses social media

Adam Gray is a Social Media Speaker, writer and advisor to all sizes of businesses in his position as Client Social Engagement lead at Oracle. In this short interview Adam explains how he focuses mainly on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and how he weaves social media throughout his day mainly due to peoples expectancy of an immediate response.

Adam stresses that its important not to talk/write about you (your product and services) but to talk in terms of the customers interests – “They want to hear about them, not you”.

He also points out that when starting in social media its important to ‘be brave’ and try things, its likely that no one will hear you. So while you are learning and building a reputation it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake (that is in the mechanics of the thing, you are still publishing so you still need to have “think before you publish” in your head).

His other gem is “be regular” otherwise people will forget who you are. 3 to 4 tweets a day is a good guide (if we are talking Twitter).

You can find Adam on Twitter @theadamgray

A final word on starting – if you are group who are all starting at the same time in a large company just Tweet amongst that group to get used to communicating. Again no one will really see in the early days and you can encourage each other.

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