How Kate Russell, of BBC Click, uses social media

Kate Russell, BBC

Kate Russell is a technology journalist, author and educator and has been working on BBC Click now for over 10 years. Kate explains how she uses Twitter as her main social media tool for information gathering, as a notice board for what she and BBC Click are up to and to get her messages out. Kate does the majority of her social media from her desktop on a large screen, in very focused time, spending at least an hour or more some days (it depends how long she has been away from her desk) researching, organizing, buffering and posting. She then dips in and out during the office day but … [Read more...]

How Lewis Richards of the LEF uses social media

Lewis 2

Lewis Richards of the LEF is one of the most "tech Savvy" people you could wish to meet. We caught up on how he uses social media which is for him a balance between staying connected with people and researching the market. After Crossfit, Lewis spends an hour in the morning on social, then checks it again at lunchtime and follows up in the evening between 8 and 10 with a 2 screen expereince. He is very well set up on all systems and he explains how he uses the internet as a work flow engine (using IFTTT) and his "digital brain". His main platform is Twitter and his main technology is his … [Read more...]

How Martin Smith, Neolane Marketing, uses social media

Martin Smith, Neolane Marketing

Martin Smith is head of marketing at Neolane, a Conversational and Campaign marketing platform. Martin splits his personal social media from his professional social media, using Facebook for only communicating with friends, a personal twitter and professional twitter account and Foursquare for networking both professionally and socially and as a location finder. Martin trys to put himself in his customers shoes and only tweets valuable content such as infographics, sector news. He uses as a blogging tool but that is for his own personal blogging around on Guitars and also … [Read more...]

How Penny Power, social media evangelist, uses social media


Penny Power is one of the leading lights in the UK (perhaps globally) in helping educate, inspire and get businesses adopting social media. Penny is a founder of Penny Power Ltd, the Digital Youth Academy, Frontier (Digital and Social Business Coaching), and Ecademy (SME Social Networking community) and on the video she explains what each does. Penny has to really motivate herself to use the social platforms as she is not naturally interested in the technology in itself, but with the ipad, the mobile web and all the social platforms linked to work together productively, she can use the time … [Read more...]

How Sangeeta Haindl, of Serendipity PR, uses social media


Sangeeta Haindl of Serendipity PR talks about how social media helps her to connect globally, raise her brand profile and be relevant not only to her audience professionally but also to her young son. Sangeeta is a keen user of Twitter, serving her network with good, relevant information but is also keen on getting into conversations online which she feels should be like good dinner party conversations. She calls her Twitter followers her “twitter family” which is a really nice way of putting it. Sangeeta is constantly online during the day, but starts with reading the daily newspaper … [Read more...]

How Ged Carroll, social publisher, uses social media


Ged Carroll is Director of Digital strategies at Ruder Finn, co author of the recent book The Social Media MBA, and what I would describe as a social publisher blogging at least twice a day, as well as for clients and using bookmarking to help him keep track of all the subjects he follows. Ged describes him self as being naturally curious as uses social media to find things out, augment his memory, grow him network, as well as publishing for himself and for others e.g. he blogs for PR week 3 times a week. Ged starts his social media day with looking at RSS feeds scanning everything he is … [Read more...]

How Mark Sinclair, business video entrepreneur, uses social media

Mark Sinclair of YBC

Mark Sinclair is the co founder of yBC (yourBusinessChannel), a business video channel and YouTube partner business. Mark's No:1 use of social media is as a research device to find people, products and information. Mark's business is done mainly on the move, and he relies on wifi hotspots to connect most of the time, and occasionally a mobile service. As his business is all about video content yBC is constantly producing fresh content and so building up the reach and influence of their channels. His advice about video (the best way to communicate after face to face) is to just start. I … [Read more...]

How Nadia Saint, Digital PR consultant, uses social media

Nadia Saint - Digital PR at Bite

Nadia is a Digital PR consultant at leading communications firm Bite who is active on social media both for her job and in her personal life. In this video Nadia explains how she mainly manages her social media on her smart phone and has been trying to perfect the use of shortcuts, customization of her Google pages to make life easier/more productive. Nadia actively keeps her business and social life online separate, blogging at work for specific clients focuses and using Twitter to find really interesting content. She used to blog long 500 word articles but now due to work pressure … [Read more...]