Digital Business Britain

Digital Business Britain – a manifesto for a change in business mindset in 2011 Digital Business Britain – a manifesto for a change in business mindset in 2011

I co-authored this manifesto with Penny Power, founder of Ecademy because through our work with many businesses on coaching them on how to “Go social and digital” there was a huge demand for understanding and because digital business is danger of being left out of the digital debate on the UK futures dominated by digital media, TV, etc. And its our backbone of businesses of all shapes and sizes that are collectively going to build the countries Economic future.

The 8 point plan is a good check list for getting focused on Digital Business.

The role of the Digital Business Britain manifesto is to increase the economic output of the UK by encouraging individuals and businesses to embrace a Digital Mindset.

Mark Prisk, Minister for Business and Enterprise expresses his support for Digital Business Britain

Download the Digital Business Britain Manifesto

Click here > to Download the Digital Business Britain Manifesto.

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