How Sangeeta Haindl, of Serendipity PR, uses social media


Sangeeta Haindl of Serendipity PR talks about how social media helps her to connect globally, raise her brand profile and be relevant not only to her audience professionally but also to her young son. Sangeeta is a keen user of Twitter, serving her network with good, relevant information but is also keen on getting into conversations online which she feels should be like good dinner party conversations. She calls her Twitter followers her “twitter family” which is a really nice way of putting it. Sangeeta is constantly online during the day, but starts with reading the daily newspaper … [Read more...]

How Ged Carroll, social publisher, uses social media


Ged Carroll is Director of Digital strategies at Ruder Finn, co author of the recent book The Social Media MBA, and what I would describe as a social publisher blogging at least twice a day, as well as for clients and using bookmarking to help him keep track of all the subjects he follows. Ged describes him self as being naturally curious as uses social media to find things out, augment his memory, grow him network, as well as publishing for himself and for others e.g. he blogs for PR week 3 times a week. Ged starts his social media day with looking at RSS feeds scanning everything he is … [Read more...]