How Becky McMichael, marketing media mum, uses social media

Becky McMichael

Becky is head of strategy and innovation at UK Communications agency Ruder Finn, she also runs a group for Women working in media/marketing. Essentially, Becky is a bit of a multitasking practical guru on all things digital marketing and social. Her objective with social is to be “more present” professionally within the industry and at work from a virtual working perspective, she now feels she has reached a place of "connectedness" where being online is like being in the office with the team.  Personally its for family networking and keeping up to date with … [Read more...]

How John Cassidy, photographer, uses social media

John Cassidy

John Cassidy uses social media to get “lots of recommendations”. John is a multi faceted photographer,see his website , having has a career as a photographer in the RAF and having worked for national newspapers. One of the strings to his bow is that he specialises in head shots for social media. John himself uses all the main social media platforms which he has linked up and automated. His routine is effectively catching up between “shoots” and sees Twitter as the easiest and quickest platform, which he has it set up to send him an SMS/text every time someone … [Read more...]

How Tamara Littleton, CEO eModeration, uses social media

Tamara Littleton CEO eModeration

Tamara Littleton is CEO of eModeration a social media management agency who specialise in moderating (removing inappropriate content) and managing the social media communities on behalf of large brands. Tamara explains how, with regard to social media externally to the company, she personally focuses on a few social channels mainly twitter, either as herself or using the company twitter handle. Internally because eModeration is largely virtual (170 people, 80% female, spread UK/US/International), Tamara discusses how they use Yammer as their water cooler/ social glue internally, Campfire … [Read more...]

How Giles York, DCC Sussex Police, uses social media


Giles York is Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) of Sussex Police as well as being the ACPO Lead for Intelligence and Intellectual Property Crime. So how does he find the time for social media? Giles explains how in his home life he uses social media to keep up with friends and family, but for policing, he mainly uses Twitter and he explains how Sussex Police is encouraging its use at a personal level within the force. He says that by him using it, it gives everyone else permission to use it and also permission to make mistakes like he does. His contact strategy, based on devices, is: if you … [Read more...]