How John Watton, Expedia marketer, uses social media

John Watton

John is World Wide Marketing Director for EAN, the subsidiary of Expedia, Inc. that gives other travel websites the ability to offer Expedia’s hotels all completely under their own brand. John has been using social media for several years now and he describes how he has moved from being ‘always on’ to being more balanced about his time and how he uses it adopting different tools for different jobs. John also explains how he is fan of dedicated devices, for example having a separate basic phone for the weekends, so that he is not tempted to keep checking for social updates, which might be … [Read more...]

How Mark Robinson, founder Kimbleapps, uses social media

Mark Robinson

Mark, founder of Kimble Apps, a Software as a Service CRM application for professional services companies, is a IT professional with years of management/leadership experience of running software and services businesses, who was too busy to really look at or use Social Media until he had some time off to really study social media and how to use it properly. Mark explains how he feels that social media doesn't need to take over your life as it is now pretty integrated and people shouldn't be scared of it but invest some time to understand it. Mark describes how he gets the social media … [Read more...]

How James Potter, the Linkedin man, uses social Media

James potter

James Potter is a Linkedin trainer/expert but also a great connector of people. So its quite interesting to hear how he uses social media to grow his brand and business his objective being “to make his network feel loved”. James explains how he mainly uses Linkedin everyday in terms of a status update, but then has an hour on Fridays where he trys to add value in groups and catch up with admin, link people etc. He talks Linkedin speak a lot through the interview, so if you don't understand it, get in touch with James and get some training!. His Blogging strategy is once a week but he … [Read more...]

How Andrew Davis, software entrepreneur, uses social media

Andrew Davis, co-founder, Idio Platform

Andrew is the co-founder od  a conversational marketing platform (enabling brands to have individual conversations with their customers based on automated real-time content orchestration). Andrew is a heavy user of social media in his role in business development and marketing for the company and in the video he explains how he sees social media at the highest level as just another way of communicating across, but one which allows him access to people he wouldn’t other wise achieve. He goes through all the major platforms and how he uses them either ambiently (in the … [Read more...]