How Mark Sinclair, business video entrepreneur, uses social media

Mark Sinclair of YBC

Mark Sinclair is the co founder of yBC (yourBusinessChannel), a business video channel and YouTube partner business. Mark's No:1 use of social media is as a research device to find people, products and information. Mark's business is done mainly on the move, and he relies on wifi hotspots to connect most of the time, and occasionally a mobile service. As his business is all about video content yBC is constantly producing fresh content and so building up the reach and influence of their channels. His advice about video (the best way to communicate after face to face) is to just start. I … [Read more...]

How Andrew Smith, PR/social/digital expert & trainer, uses social media

Andrew Bruce Smith

22years ago Andrew Smith was one of the first people in the UK to start using online forums on the internet and sending press releases out via email. Andrew now teaches firms how to effectively “switch the social media light on” as well as running the Digital firm Esherman PR. In this video Andrew explains how he plans his world around the principles of GTD (Getting Things Done, by David Allen) and has trained himself to spend no more than 20/30 minutes at the beginning of the day on social media because, as he notes “suddenly 2 hours can zoom by”. Andrew keeps Tweetdeck on overnight to … [Read more...]

How Nadia Saint, Digital PR consultant, uses social media

Nadia Saint - Digital PR at Bite

Nadia is a Digital PR consultant at leading communications firm Bite who is active on social media both for her job and in her personal life. In this video Nadia explains how she mainly manages her social media on her smart phone and has been trying to perfect the use of shortcuts, customization of her Google pages to make life easier/more productive. Nadia actively keeps her business and social life online separate, blogging at work for specific clients focuses and using Twitter to find really interesting content. She used to blog long 500 word articles but now due to work pressure … [Read more...]