Britain’s Digital BUSINESS future is our trading Future

Digital Business Britain Bob Barker

I recently attended an event entitled "Britain's Digital Future" event at the TUC Congress Hall Conference Centre in London with lots of luminaries and men in suits. I went because I thought they would talk about how we need to empower large and small business and individuals to have digital skills and digital mindsets and I might pick up some tips on how others were marketing or building their online brands and social capital to compete in the global market. But I was wrong it wasn't about that at all it was about the digital industry talking about itself and its value: Digital Content- the … [Read more...]

To build a networked nation we have to change our mindset

It was exciting to see the launch of the Manifesto for a Networked Nation from Martha Lane Fox the UK Governments Digital Champion. I found the top 3 things most compelling were: 1. Internet literacy is on a par with numeracy and literacy 2. The lack of motivation and access to skills is what is stopping people 3. We need to change our mindset You can download it here at  Its the same for businesses. As we found in the Alterian Brands at Risk research carried out by Professor Michael Hulme of Lancaster University companies  will  need a … [Read more...]

The internet mindset: “Its a jungle out there”

One of the key principles in economics is that economies revolve around the concept of the scarcity of  products or resources. With the internet, companies tend to think purely economics also, asking: “how do we make money out of the internet?", "how can we control the market on the internet?", " how do we restrict what people say about us on the internet?" and so on.  A key distinction to make however is that the internet is not an economy but an ecology. Like a jungle where everything in the jungle is in abundance, not in scarcity, so the internet is full of abundance, abundant information, … [Read more...]

Do you have marketing goggles for your website?

As a marketer working in the technology sector for 25 years when I look at our website or indeed any website I immediately pick up on the obvious stuff that probably isn’t working from a marketing and engagement perspective for that webpage e.g. its boring, not engaging, not on brand , the content is out of date, isn’t linked etc. I don’t see why others don’t necessarily see this and I call this looking at things through my “marketing goggles” trained eyes with experience that just pick these things up. Others have very necessary “technical goggles” or “design goggles” but mine are all about … [Read more...]

Have you been engaged?

Yesterday over 400 marketing heads and decision makers gathered in London for the inaugural Alterian Engaging Times European Summit. If the twittersphere was anything to go by, and I hope you were following the #engagingtimes hashtag, customer engagement is definitely now on the minds of the brands and agencies that attended.  Highlights for me would have to be marketing legend Stan Rapp, who is always an entertaining speaker, Andrew Finlayson from AstraZeneca and Will Whitehorn from Virgin Galactic. It was interesting to see how these leading thinkers feel customer engagement will be a game … [Read more...]

Are you ready to engage?

The last 18 months has seen some of the most significant changes in the marketing space in decades. As social media has exploded in popularity, businesses have begun to realize that anyone with an internet connection has the ability to damage their brand. Subsequently poorly targeted email campaigns or generic websites are no longer good enough to engage with both prospects and customers. Social media has empowered the customer in a way never before thought possible and brand engagement has had to evolve to provide the level of service the public now demands. Late last week we launched the … [Read more...]